Project Life: Getting Started

I never thought I would be a woman that scrapbooked. I pretty much figured that I was gold if I could keep up with my daughter’s baby book and manage to save all of the photos taken on our devices – DSLR camera, point and click camera, and both iPhones!

I guess you could consider it accidental scrapbooking because I only discovered Becky Higgin’s Project Life concept by chance. Basically, you start with a scrapbook, pocket pages, and a core kit of designer card stock inserts that you mix and match with your own photographs. I found their small scrapbooks on an end-cap at Michael’s and loved the concept of the pockets! It keeps it so much simpler with standardized sizing – 4″x6″ and 3″x4″ – and everything looks very neat and cohesive together. You can get wild and do more traditional scrapbooking within each of the pockets but it’s up to you.

Although I’ve read lots of theories on getting started – many fans like to work week by week over the calendar year – I’ve decided to work from Vivi’s birth on. Since I recently bought a mini-pack of holiday cards, I actually began with Christmas first and will go back to add in her birth.

Here are the first few completed pages! And yes, I realize I still need to complete the journaling portion of these pages…

Project Life Christmas Page 1Project Life Christmas Page 2Project Life Christmas Page 3Project Life Christmas Page 4
For some more ideas, check out my favorite Project Life bloggers:

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A Visit with Granny

My husband and I had our first date on Sunday since bringing Vivi home back in October! We kept it pretty low-key and just went out to brunch and saw the movie Philomena – a terrible choice because all I could think about was getting home to my baby! It was actually a very good film based on the book The Lost Child of Philomena Lee by Martin Sixsmith.

It also marked granny’s first trip to Richmond to see little miss Vivi! As you can see, they got along famously…

Visit with Granny 2 3 4 5

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February 2014: Playlist

Many of my childhood memories involve music – riding in our family’s 1977 VW bus singing along to Abba’s “Dancing Queen“, my father playing Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called to Say I Love You” over and over again, and according to my mother, skating around the living room on her records. { Side note: I once had a beloved dog named Abba. }

These are all wonderful memories for me! Others are embarrassing – like singing along to George Micheal’s “I Want Your Sex” on our front porch, which is probably something my mother would like to forget.

Here’s what we’re listening to this month:

February Playlist


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Reading Aloud

I’ve always been a passionate reader. Even as a child, I could spend an entire day lounging¬† under the covers with a good book (favorite authors included Christopher Pike, Judy Blume, and R.L. Stine). Because I became a fast reader, it was not uncommon for me to finish an entire book in a day and now I don’t enjoy a good one as much if I can’t read it all in one go!

While pregnant, I loved shopping for children’s books and chose to make a hanging bookcase a focal point in the nursery. My husband and I try to read to her everyday – usually first thing in the morning while she is still groggy with sleep and needing some more cuddle time. Now that she’s almost six months old, she is beginning to focus on the pictures and seems to enjoy looking at them.

This morning while I was rocking Vivianne, I asked my husband to read us a book!  He chose Oink and Pearl by Kay Chorao, a thrift store find that I picked up because of its sweet illustrations.


Before starting the book, he announces he has chosen the book: Gink and Pearl. I still giggle thinking about it.

Now, I figured it was sort of implied that a book about pigs would involve a few “oinks” here and there so I thought it was hilarious that he read it wrong. I think I teased him a little too much and made him nervous because he read the final page as, “then they both fell asleep by the window.” I think I will do more of the reading going forward…

Oink and Pearl{ Note to Vivi: this anecdote is especially funny to us because your daddy has a history of misreading things. The Body Shop used to have a deodorant named “No Offense”. I didn’t realize until this incident that men and women would read this very differently. I read it as “no offense, but you are smelling odoriferous – would you like some deodorant?” My husband read it as “that team has no offense!” }

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Great Gatsby Style

I admit it. I did not read The Great Gatsby the first time around…you know, in 9th or 10th grade English class? No idea why – its a pretty quick read and I have always been able to quickly knock back a good book. And, it is truly a good book! I finally read it a few years back after I read The Double Bind by Chris Bohjalian – another amazing book that seamlessly integrated the history of East Egg and West Egg into a modern day narrative.

My attention was captured once again by Gatsby this week! Check out the December 5th issue of US Magazine – here are some pics from the new set of The Great Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby
Courtesy of US Weekly

Meow, right? Why don’t men dress more like this today? It’s almost rare to actually see a man in a full suit – let alone one as debonair as a linen suit like this!

As you know by now, I work for a menswear company, Direct Menswear, that specializes in offering stylish suit options at a low price and I wish I had had this photo to reference over the summer for our photo-shoots and our summer ad campaigns! Looking to capture a similar look? Take a look at some of the options we still have left – in particular, the classic seersucker suit!

Direct Menswear Spring 2011
Courtesy of Direct Menswear
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Botanical Noir

Or, not so much noir as navy…at least in my case. Although black-backed botanicals are popping up on the runways and have an extensive history in home decor, I find it a bit dark for me. Fortunately, fashion moves fast because this trend has already been interpreted in lighter and more wearable versions.¬† I say that because I love the way navy can be both dark and colorful at the same time. And, I find that black never does much to make me feel prettier, whereas navy complements blonde hair and has the ability to bring out the pink in your complexion.

In fact, I have been eyeing this cami for the last few days at American

AE Floral Empire Cami

Not surprisingly, it was not hard to find other sources of this dark trend. One stop at gave me plenty of additional options including these three favorites.


Tokonoma Tee | Lowland Rugosa Tank | Aven Bloom Dress

For more on the Botanical Noir trend, visit the Lonny blog, when they covered it here.

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