Great Gatsby Style

I admit it. I did not read The Great Gatsby the first time around…you know, in 9th or 10th grade English class? No idea why – its a pretty quick read and I have always been able to quickly knock back a good book. And, it is truly a good book! I finally read it a few years back after I read The Double Bind by Chris Bohjalian – another amazing book that seamlessly integrated the history of East Egg and West Egg into a modern day narrative.

My attention was captured once again by Gatsby this week! Check out the December 5th issue of US Magazine – here are some pics from the new set of The Great Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby
Courtesy of US Weekly

Meow, right? Why don’t men dress more like this today? It’s almost rare to actually see a man in a full suit – let alone one as debonair as a linen suit like this!

As you know by now, I work for a menswear company, Direct Menswear, that specializes in offering stylish suit options at a low price and I wish I had had this photo to reference over the summer for our photo-shoots and our summer ad campaigns! Looking to capture a similar look? Take a look at some of the options we still have left – in particular, the classic seersucker suit!

Direct Menswear Spring 2011
Courtesy of Direct Menswear
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