Project Life: Getting Started

I never thought I would be a woman that scrapbooked. I pretty much figured that I was gold if I could keep up with my daughter’s baby book and manage to save all of the photos taken on our devices – DSLR camera, point and click camera, and both iPhones!

I guess you could consider it accidental scrapbooking because I only discovered Becky Higgin’s Project Life concept by chance. Basically, you start with a scrapbook, pocket pages, and a core kit of designer card stock inserts that you mix and match with your own photographs. I found their small scrapbooks on an end-cap at Michael’s and loved the concept of the pockets! It keeps it so much simpler with standardized sizing – 4″x6″ and 3″x4″ – and everything looks very neat and cohesive together. You can get wild and do more traditional scrapbooking within each of the pockets but it’s up to you.

Although I’ve read lots of theories on getting started – many fans like to work week by week over the calendar year – I’ve decided to work from Vivi’s birth on. Since I recently bought a mini-pack of holiday cards, I actually began with Christmas first and will go back to add in her birth.

Here are the first few completed pages! And yes, I realize I still need to complete the journaling portion of these pages…

Project Life Christmas Page 1Project Life Christmas Page 2Project Life Christmas Page 3Project Life Christmas Page 4
For some more ideas, check out my favorite Project Life bloggers:

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